We are here to provide any type of service that you may need at your most difficult time.  We do traditional services,
nontraditional, full service cremations, direct cremations, and direct burials.  We also can arrange to have your loved
one shipped out of town or arrange to have your loved one shipped to us for final arrangements.  We are an
authorized representative of Sears Monument Company in Charleston, WV.  We can arrange for the perfect memorial
for your loved one.  We also do Preneed Funeral Arrangements.  This is just planning for the future and making sure
that the finances are in place to take care of your wishes when that need arrives.
Full services of the funeral director and staff
Transportation of the deceased
Embalming and other preparation
Use of facilities or staff and equipment for off premise services
Funeral ceremony at the funeral home or off premise service
Memorial services
Funeral coach and flower car
Graveside services only
Filing of legal permits, forms, etc
Taking care of final paperwork such as filing UMWA forms, life insurance claim forms,
notifying Social Security, Black Lung forms, and any other paperwork that we can help you
Cremation with traditional services first (Visitation, funeral, and then cremation)
Direct Cremation
Direct Burial
Forwarding of remains to another funeral home
Receiving of remains from another funeral home
Helping you select and design your monument
Preplanning your loved ones funeral
Memorial tributes videos available
List of Services
Additional Services